You might find these interesting and perhaps helpful.

Animation Related The official website for the CG society.
Nosniborus Productions The guy who got me into animation in the first place. He does Lego stop-motion and claymation. Really cool, award-winning animations from Nosniborus.
Jason Pierce A fellow Blender-user whose site has many resources for Blender.

THE place to be for stop-motion animation with Lego bricks. You can find resources and lots of information for making a Lego stop-motion animation. There is a dedicated community of animators there who are very helpful and friendly. ( is also hosting this site. Thanks.)
LGM Productions This is my website where I have my Lego stop-motion animations. I started in Lego bricks, then moved to 3D.
Software Related Homepage of the great, free 3D program Blender3D. A community of Blender users. You can find out anything you need to know about that program there. (This is the new home -- name -- of

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