Welcome to my gallery.

This is my work, 3D animations that I created in Blender 3D. I hope you enjoy them.

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I finally got around to updating the website again. This time I've added two new shorts -- Colors and The Duel -- to the Animations Section. Also, since I'm trying to find some sort of internship or job this summer, I added an up-to-date demo reel.


Another year, another animation added to the Animations Section. Not that I haven't been doing any animation, I just haven't finished anything except this. Been working on a large project. Anyways, I now have a weight study in my repertoire.


Another animation added to the Animations Section. This time it's a soccer player juggling a soccer ball. Very fun.


Almost a year since the last update, I've added a small test to the Animations Section.


Now that I've written two tutorials for animating, I've added a tutorial section to the website!


New animation and a new section to the website! Private Bob, Space Marine Episode I is a go!


Website is up and running. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the animations.

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