Demo Reel 2011

Trying to find an internship this summer, I put together a reel.

Shot Breakdown:

Shot 1, Jedi Animation: I created the entirety of the short (concept, choreography, models, textures, and animation) using Blender 3D.

Shot 2, Dialogue Piece: I animated both Max rigs and built the office and props in Maya 2011.

Shot 3, Squirrels: I animated the center squirrel and smoothed out the animation of the other two in Blender 3D.

Shot 4, Wheelbarrow: I built and animated everything in this exercise using Blender 3D.

Shot 5, Bat Monster: I was responsible for all of the animation and staging in the shot using Blender 3D.

Demo Reel 2011 -- High Quality (640X480)
Format: Quicktime
Size: 107 megabytes

Demo Reel 2011 -- Medium Quality (640X480)
Format: Quicktime
Size: 55 megabytes

Demo Reel 2011 -- Small (320X240)
Format: mp4
Size: 10.6 megabytes

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