LGM's Learning to Talk Tutorial

So load up ludwig and you'll get this screen.

Change the SCR value to "Animation."

In the 3D window, go into front view (numpad 1) and then change the IPO window to an Action window.

Zoom in on the face maquette which is located just above Ludwig's head. Select one of the bones, then hit A to select all of them, then insert their location on frame 1. This will create their action channels in the Action Editor.

Now, according to our Magpie spread sheet, the mouth is closed on frame 1, so grab the bone labelled MouthOpen and move it up until the mouth is closed and insert its location.

According to our Magpie spread sheet (which I shall refer to as MSS from now on) the mouth stays closed up through frame 4, so go to frame four, select all the face bones and hit insert location.

Now to make sure we're seeing his face as it's really deforming, let's go enable the subsurf in the edit buttons (F9).

Now we marked the mouth in the "E" shape for frame 5, but since the only sound there is the sound of my mouth opening, we'll just open his mouth a little bit on frame 6. This way his mouth will open on the right frame (frame 5) but it won't snap open too hard.

Frame 14 is the last frame before the "M" sound starts, but since we want to give him time to close his mouth, we'll put our next key frame on frame 13. And instead of keeping his mouth open in exactly the same spot, we'll open it a little more as he breaths in to speak.

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