LGM's Learning to Walk Tutorial

All right, go to front view and rotate the arm and hand bones until it looks better. Then A+I+locandrot.

Copy those poses, move ten frames ahead, (which is to the same relative spot in the next step), and paste the flipped pose, inserting those locatons and rotations.

Save your work if you haven't recently. As a rule I save my work every three seconds. I have acquired a sort of ctrl+s+enter twitch, which I sometimes try to do in real life before, say, a test or stunt, or something of that nature. (Saving that often and blindly isn't necessarily good. I've saved over mistakes because of that twitch.)

Now play back your animation. Pretty cool, huh? Now for some details. Namely, fingers. Grab them finger actuators that are floating next to ludwig and insert their locations and rotations.

Now the fingers will be at their straightest at the middle of his walk, when the arms are straight down. Then speed of his arms will pull his fingers out a little. So move the newly made keyframes to frame 5, which is the middle of his arm swing.

Now go back to frame 1 and rotate the finger actuators along their local x-axis until his hand has a more natural position.

Copy those positions to frame 11 and 21. This is where his arm is moving the slowest, and so his fingers will curl a little at this point.

So now we have curled fingers at the slowest moving part of his arm swing and straight fingers (albiet a little too straight, perhaps) at the fastest point of his arm swing.

I didn't like my original curl, so I rotated the fingers more, resulting in a more closed hand position.

Now to add some pelvis motion. Select the Pelvis bone and insert it's rotation and location. Position the new bone channel to where you want it.

Now rotate the Pelvis to the right (in front view) about 5 degrees for frame 1. Then copy the pose, and paste a flipped pose for frame 11, insert location rotation. Then, in the Action Editor, duplicate the keyframe for Pelvis from frame 1 to frame 21.

Playback your animation. See how it looks. I didn't like my down position in the first step. So I adjusted it by moving the Torso bone a little. I then played it back, it looked a bit better.

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