Unless otherwise noted, I have made all these with Blender 3D. They are listed top to bottom, newest to oldest.

Demo Reel 2011

May 2011
(My 2011 Demo Reel.)

The Duel

May 2011
(A Jedi and a Sith fight it out in an old warehouse.)


July 2009
(A short, story-oriented animation.)

2008 Demo Reel

July 2008
(A compilation of my best work to date.)

Weight Exercise

April 2008
(An animation exercise of a guy lifting a bucket of dirt.)

Soccer Animation Exercise

May 2007
(An animation exercise of a guy juggling a soccer ball.)

Faerie Animation Test

March 2007
(An animated image quality test.)

The Brash Candlelight

February 2006
(A good old Fable by Aesop)

I Said Dance!

February 2006
A short made for Animation Challenge #28 at

What a Life!

December 2005
(Made for the 10secondclub contest.)

The Matrix, Neo . . .

November 2005
(Dialogue Practice)

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