LGM's Learning to Walk Tutorial

On the down position (frame 4) rotate Toes.R up a little. Then on the next frame (frame 5) rotate them back down, or duplicate their original position from frame 1.

On that same down position (frame 4) rotate Ball_Heel_Rotation.L a bit so that his foot drags a bit behind his ankle.

At this point I repositioned all his arm keyframes, since I thought they were mis-timed. I moved them all back a few frames.

Now his arms were passing through his thighs again! So I deleted the old "fixer" key frames . . .

. . . and added new ones, this time rotating his hand sideways.

I noticed his first up position (frame 8) didn't look that good, so I moved him forward a little.

Ctrl+up-arrow will give you a large view. Zoom out a tad, and watch the animation several times to see how you like it so far.

Off-set his head keyframes a tad.

Oops, we should've rotated his spine early on. Oh well, we still can. Rotate the UpperBody bone so it's opposite his feet. (When his right foot is forward, he should be rotated to the right, and vise versa.)

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